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Private conference rooms at hotels?  Participate in a volunteer project?  Gluten-free meals?  Have rare sites to visit?  View an in-progress archaeological dig?   See the tech that makes the desert bloom?  When it comes to the details, we have you covered.

Testimonials From Tour Participants

“Our group arrived in the morning, we were greeted in the airport with the friendliest representatives from Yael.  Everything that followed was such a pleasant experience.  Our trip was a balance of the spiritual and just fun.  Our guide Chen always had a way of explaining things in a insightful way, but also very entertaining.  If I could pick one favorite thing, it was being on Masada and learning this one harrowing episode in the history of the Jewish people, and then to know what a miracle that followed to sustain them all these years.   But there were many parts I loved, too much to say!”

Charles P.Atlanta, GA

“Whew!  We just got back, and what a trip.  Just wow!  I loved Israel with Yael.  We had a packed schedule each day, did really amazing things, and we took so many pictures.   I loved the feeling of being present in the same spots where the Bible stories happened.  I won’t be back for some time because of my work schedule :-/ but I hope one day to return!”

Jessie C.Charlotte, NC

“I came out of this with my faith stronger and my attachment to Israel and the people even greater.  I loved the kibbutz hospitality on Shabbat, the tasty food, the warmth of the country, weather and people.  We went in May, it was very nice warm weather but not hot like I thought it would be.  It was a real adventure, fun but very meaningful.  I think every traveler to Israel needs to visit Yad Vashem, it was not easy but it was very, very important.  Thank you for a super trip Yael!”

John G.Long Island, NY

“I took the trip with my husband and our church.  I never before was outside the US besides Canada so I did not know what to expect.  But everything was fabulous.   We went sailing on the Sea of Galilee singing beatiful songs.  We prayed where Jesus prayed in Jerusalem.  We went to the Jordan River and were born again in its waters.   I am so happy we did this trip it really means a lot to me.”

Betty P.Charleston, WV

“I traveled to a dozen or so countries in my life.  But my trip to Israel was my favorite.  Our guide Yohai made our trip perfect (we also had the best group)!  We saw the country from the North to the South, Jordan River to Mediterranean Sea, from the sands of the Negev desert to lush forests in the north, from the lowest place on earth (Dead Sea) to snowy Mt. Hermon.  Each place we saw we learned its history from the Bible that continues to the present day in Israel.”

Loretta N.Chattanooga, TN

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A little about Yael:  Operating since 1988, we are a team of Israel-focused trip experts, ready to plan your perfect itinerary.  From the big ideas to the smallest details, you can count on us to help make the most of your experiences in the Holy Land.

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