Day 1: Arrive to Israel

Upon arrival at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport, where we will be greeted and helped through customs.  We will drive along the Mediterranean Coast to the hotel in Haifa for dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Sea of Galilee, Jordan River, Caesarea Philippi

Today we sail on the Sea of Galilee, visit Capernaum, the town of Jesus, visit the Church of Multiplication in Tabgha, where the Lord preformed the miracle of the Loaves and Fishes, and visit the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus taught “The Sermon on the Mount”.  We will continue to an unforgettable experience of baptism in the Jordan River.  On to Caesarea Philippi where Peter confessed Christ: “You are the Christ, the son of the living God” (Matt 16:15-16).  Dinner and overnight stay in Haifa.

Day 3: Beth She’an, Gideon Spring, Cana, Nazareth

We’ll start our day at Beth She’an.  This ancient Roman city has been preserved in a remarkable shape. Visit the city’s remains and learn about the dramatic end of the last war between King Saul and the Philistines.  Learn how brave the residents of Jabesh were by taking the King’s and his sons’ corpses down from the wall of the city and burying them (1 Samuel 31).  We will hear the amazing story of Gideon and how he reduced the ranks by using a test near the spring before his great victory over the Midianites (Judges 7).   After visiting Cana, where the Lord preformed the wedding miracle, we will continue to the Biblical village in Nazareth to learn and experience the sights, sounds and the aromas of the days of Jesus.  Time permitting, we will visit the Church of The Annunciation in Nazareth.  Return to Haifa for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Tel Megiddo, Mt. Carmel, Caesarea, Jaffa

One of the most amazing water systems found in the world is in the archaeological site of Tel Megiddo.  From here we’ll observe the valley of Armageddon (Rev 16:14-16).  Visit Mount Carmel where the biblical story of the confrontation between Prophet Elijah and the Ba’al prophets took place, overlooking the Jezreel Valley.  Continue to Caesarea, the famed Roman port city with many archaeological findings such as the theater, the public bath, the hippodrome and the city gate.  In the afternoon we will tour the charming alleys of the old city of Jaffa and visit the house of Simon the Tanner, in the footsteps of Peter.    We will enjoy watching the sun set over the old city of Jaffa.  Drive to Jerusalem for dinner and overnight.

Day 5: Jerusalem, Bethlehem

Our morning starts on The Mount of Olives with a breathtaking panoramic view of Jerusalem.  The day continues with visits to the sites that will help us understand the Lord’s prophecy of Jerusalem: The Chapel of Dominus Flevit, where Christ prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem (Luke 19:41), The Garden of Gethsemane (Luke 22:39-53) and The Church of the Agony (Church of All Nations) – the site where it is said that Judas betrayed Jesus.  In the Kidron Valley we’ll visit the tombs of Absalom, Zachariah and the Hazir priesthood family.  We will proceed to visit the sites on Mt. Zion.  The Church of Saint Peter in Gallicantu, which was built over the ruins of the Palace of Caiaphas -the High Priest before whom Jesus was brought for trial (Mark 14: 53-65).  We’ll visit the Tomb of King David and enter into the Upper Room—the site that commemorates Jesus’ last supper with his disciples. Our day will end by visiting the amazing Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Christ. Dinner and overnight stay in Jerusalem.

Day 6: Jerusalem

Our day will begin with an exciting tour to the City of King David.  In this place archeologists found King Hezekiah’s 2,700 year old water tunnel, one of the wonders of early engineering and the seal impression of Gemariah, son of Shaphan, possibly the scribe of King Zedekiah (Jeremiah 36:10).  Continue to the Pool of Siloam where Christ healed the blind man by sending him to wash his eyes (John 9).  In the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem we will explore the Roman Cardo, the Madaba Map, the Western Wall (the holiest site where Jews can pray) and the Davidson Center with its amazing virtual model of the Second Temple.  On the Temple Mount we’ll hear about the traders driven out of the Temple by Jesus (Luke 19:45-48), explore the area of Dome of the Rock and other famous buildings.  Continue to Bethesda where Christ healed the paralyzed man (John 5).  Our journey through the Via Dolorosa (The Way of the Cross), and will end by visiting the amazing Church of the Holy Sepulcher.  We’ll walk through the old city markets to Damascus Gate and The Garden Tomb.  Dinner and overnight stay in Jerusalem.

Day 7: Tomb of Lazarus, Dead Sea, Masada

We will start our day with a visit to Bethany, and after learning the amazing story of Lazarus who rose from the dead by the Lord, we’ll then continue to the Judaean Desert.  Our first stop today will be next to one of the St. George monastery crosses, which offers an amazing view over the monastery.  This stop is important for understanding the water systems of the Judaean Desert monasteries.  We’ll continue to Qumran to hear the amazing story of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  We will try to answer questions like: Who wrote the scrolls? Who were the Essenes?  How did they live and why there?  Continue to Masada to learn about the dramatic story of almost one thousand men, women and children who chose to die as a free people, rather than to become Roman slaves.  We’ll visit the archaeological findings and see the palaces, bathhouses, walls and the amazing views of the Dead Sea.  We will proceed to bathe in the Dead Sea and to enjoy the sun and the famous mineral-rich mud.  Dinner and overnight stay in Jerusalem.

Day 8: Jerusalem, flight back to U.S.

Drive to the Israel Museum to visit the miniature model of the city of Jerusalem from the times of the Second Temple before the great rebellion and the destruction.  Enjoy shopping at the colorful, vibrant markets of Jerusalem.  Our trip comes to a close, and we drive to the airport for our night flight back home.

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