Day 1: Arrive to Tel Aviv 

Tel Aviv, the first Israeli city of the modern age! The group will visit the various historical and modern sites that influenced the establishment and the spirit of Israel; Neve Tzedek, the White City, Rabin Square, and Nachalat Binyamin.  The group will be able to visit Jaffa, one of the oldest ports in the world.


Day 2: The Mediterranean Coast

The group will leave Tel Aviv in the morning, heading north along the coast line. Our first stop will be at the Roman city of Caesarea – one of the most spectacular remains from King Herod. Around lunch time the group will visit Zichron Yaakov, one of the first Jewish settlements in Israel that was established at the end of the 19th century. We’ll also see one of the most amazing water systems found in the archaeological site of Tel Megiddo.  From here, we’ll observe the Jezreel Valley, believed destined to be the site of the Battle of Armageddon (Rev 16:14-16).


Day 3: Golan Heights & Hula Valley

After breakfast we will visit Hula Valley, Israel’s national nature preserve, and one of the best locations in the world to observe wild birds.  Around noon time we’ll be climbing Mt. Ben Tal – the large volcanic summits of the Golan Heights. From there we can observe the wild landscape of the Golan Heights, and we’ll be able to visit one of many wineries in the area. Later, we will have a short hike near the ancient city of Banyas.


Day 4: Upper Galilee

In the morning we will visit Mt. Meron – the highest peak in the Galilee, for a short hike around the summit. By noon time, we will visit the Druze pastoral village of Peki’in that captures more than 2,000 years of Jewish and Druze history. Our last stop for the day will be in the holy city of Safed – the “blue city” home to Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah, with her beautiful old city streets and synagogues. Overnight stay in the Galilee.


Day 5: Lower Galilee

On this day we’ll sail on a boat from Tiberius to Capernaum, visit Tabgha, the Church of Multiplication, and the Mount of the Beatitudes.  We will feel the renewal of our spirits by being baptized in the Jordan River.  At noon, we’ll visit Kafr Kanna – associated with the New Testament village of Cana where Jesus turned water into wine.  We will also get to see the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth and Nazareth market. Evening: Hot springs and dinner in Hamat-Gader.  Overnight stay in the Galilee.


Day 6: Western Galilee and Mt. Carmel

On the fifth day visit the Northern Mediterranean coast of Israel. Our first stop will be at Rosh Hanikra, where the white chalk stone meets the clear blue sea to create an impressive cave structure. Early afternoon – Acre (Akko) – with her magnificent Crusader and Ottoman-empire era buildings.  We will walk through the old city and market.  In the mid afternoon, we’ll visit the Baha’i Temple and Gardens, and Stella Maris Monastery of the Carmelites in Haifa. Dinner will be in the Druze village of Isfiya at a local family restaurant.


Day 7: Beit She’an – Petra (Jordan)

The group will spend the first half of the day along the Israeli side of the Jordan River. On our way, we’ll make a stop in the antiquities of the Roman city of Beit She’an. In the early afternoon, we will make our way to Jordan via the Sheikh Hussein border crossing.


Day 8: Petra

On this day, we’ll visit the ancient Nabataean’s capital of Petra, famous for its impressive buildings carved out of red rock.


Day 9: Petra – Wadi Ram

This day will show us the glory of the desert. In the early morning, we’ll take a lasting picture of the Nabataean’s capital. At noon, we’ll arrive to the magnificent red stone landscape of Wadi Ram Desert. In the evening we will eat dinner in local traditional tent.


Day 10: Wadi Ram & Eilat.

The first part of the day, taking one more look at the view of the red stone cliffs of Wadi Ram, we’ll cross the border back to Israel via Rabin pass near Eilat. The group will have free time in Eilat for swimming or diving in the red sea.


Day 11: Eilat Desert Mountains – Makhtesh Ramon

In early morning, we’ll visit Timna – the magnificent copper mine from the ancient imperial Egypt. At noon time, we’ll climb with the road north through Eilat Mountain Nature Reserve. On our way, we’ll stop to see the variety of rocks and color that is unique and rare. Just before sunset, we’ll stop at Makhtesh Ramon outlook to see the great crater – an impressive geographical feature unique to the Negev desert.


Day 12: Negev Desert

We start our day inside the great crater and around noon time, we will get to ride on camels. Later on, we’ll stop at two view points – the first is on the big crater and the second is on the small circular crater.


Day 13: Masada and the Dead Sea

On this day, we’ll early start before sunrise. With dawn, we will climb the Roman ramp into Masada to see the sunrise on the Dead Sea. At noon, we’ll go on a short hike in Ein Gedi nature reserve, an oasis of freshwater waterfalls in the middle of the desert. Later on the group will take a swim in the Dead Sea.


Day 14: Jerusalem’s Old City

In this day, we start with taking in the view of the Dead Sea’s magnificent landscape.  At noon, we will pass via Qumran Caves (where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found), and arrive to Jerusalem. We’ll have a busy day:  visiting the Christian and Muslims Quarters, the Garden Tomb, Mount of Olives, Church of All Nations, Lion’s Gate, the Old City of Jerusalem, Via Dolorosa, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.


Day 15: Jerusalem 

In the morning we’ll visit the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. At noon we’ll have free time and lunch in Mahane Yehuda market, and the new city of Jerusalem.


Day 16: Jerusalem

Today we’ll visit the pool of Siloam, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. We’ll also see the Tomb of King David, Last Supper room and Dormition Abbey. There will be an evening tour in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem including The Roman Cardo, the Madaba map, the Western Wall – site of the holiest place in Judaism where Jews can pray.


Day 17: Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

We start our day with the City of King David, then onto the ancient Kotel Tunnels to experience the journey deep inside the earth of Israel’s capital.  We will then visit Yad Vashem, Israel’s memorial museum to the victims of the Holocaust.  In the afternoon the group will arrive to Tel Aviv/Jaffa for relaxation, enjoy a nice dinner in Jaffa and overnight stay.


Day 18: Tel Aviv and flight back home

Lazy start with breakfast and packing. Explore Tel Aviv, the first Israeli city of the modern age.  The group will visit the various historical and modern sites that influenced the establishment and the spirit of Israel; Neve Tzedek, the White City, Rabin Square, and Nachalat Binyamin. One more casual visit to Jaffa and late evening transfer to the Airport.  We’ll board our plane, and head back home – full of unforgettable memories.


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