If you are 18-26 years old, have at least 1 Jewish parent,  you are probably eligible for a FREE Birthright trip with Yael Adventures! (Some exceptions apply – e.g., having lived +3 months in Israel after age 12, etc.)

Yael Adventures has created a ten-day program full of excitement and exploration for you! On our FREE 10 DAY TRIP, you will come face to face with the land, life, and culture of Israel, whether it be hiking through sandy desert trails, exploring some of Israel’s colorful outdoor markets, or discovering some of the challenges faced by modern day Israelis. Here is your chance to personally encounter every aspect of this unique country and its breathtaking scenery. Experience your Birthright with Yael Adventures and have some of Israel’s most knowledgeable tour guides lead your educational tour.

Join us next summer on our journey though Israel and visit some of its most extraordinary destinations. From nature reserves and waterfalls, Jerusalem, camel rides through the desert and dancing to the rhythm of Tel Aviv’s nightlife, we want you to see it all. We truly hope that you take us up on this once in a lifetime offer and let us be part of your Taglit-Birthright Israel experience. Take advantage of this free 10 day trip, courtesy of Yael Adventures, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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